Pranav Gupta

Pranav Gupta


Pranav Gupta Jamboree Education Founder says - India's New Education Policy is Transformational

The Union Cabinet approved the New Education Policy of India on July 29, 2020, with the intention of implementing transformative changes to the nation's school and higher education facilities.

Pranav Gupta Ashoka University Founder Opines - What Impact Will CUET Have On Higher Education

Pranav Gupta is one of the founders of Ashoka University, Plaksha University and Jamboree Education. He has been an advocate of transforming Higher Education in India to make India a knowledge economy.

Founder of Ashoka University Pranav Gupta Highlights – How COVID 19 played the biggest role in Digitising Education

Information technology, artificial intelligence, data and core technological systems will continue to develop, evolve and become more crucial than ever”, asserts Pranav Gupta of Ashoka University.

Pranav Gupta - Ashoka University’s Founder Highlights - Indian Education System Needs Redevelopment to Retain Indian Students

The majority of educational institutions in the nation adhere to a set curriculum, which might not be in accordance with the demands of the market,” shared Pranav Gupta, Ashoka University’s Founder.

Pranav Gupta Co-Founder Jamboree Education Says “Having the right balance through an EdTech Hybrid Approach is the key to success”

Over the time, online and offline infrastructure will have to work hand in hand to complement each other in the ever-evolving world”, highlights Pranav Gupta of Jamboree Education.

Pranav Gupta of Ashoka University talks about how NEP change Higher Education

Pranav Gupta, the founder of Ashoka university expresses his view on these new guidelines by UGC about the National Education Policy of India.

Foreign University Brands can improve quality of higher education in India

New Education Policy (NEP), 2020 made a significant change in the education arena when it paved the way for international institutions to establish campuses in the country.

Pranav Gupta Ashoka University Founder states - To emerge as an economic powerhouse, India would require at least 1000 universities & 50,000 colleges

India requires its creative and innovative youth and their assistance to execute what is possibly the most audacious endeavor in higher education underway globally.

Pranav Gupta, Founder of Ashoka University: 'Women-centered initiatives in STEM needed to increase gender equity'

Pranav Gupta, Ashoka University’s Founder highlights, “Improvements must be made in order to reduce the gender gap in male-dominated industries like in case of STEM areas.

Pranav Gupta Ashoka University Founder says - University experience is vital for holistic education

Higher education including college and university level is crucial for a myriad of factors, such as improved professional sustainability and fulfillment as well as the capacity to have an influence on the society.

Pranav Gupta, Founder Of Ashoka University Opines – Education Loan System Should Be Equitable And Accountable

For a nation like India with the highest percentage of youth, paired with a low gross enrollment ratio, the provision of educational loans is crucial for ensuring an adequate supply of qualified personnel for the country’s socioeconomic success and better income equality.

Ashoka University Co-Founder Pranav Gupta addresses – Does higher education need a life skills curriculum?

The perspective of college students has changed over the years. Universities do not draw hordes of students only for the possibility to broaden their knowledge but also to increase their employability.

Gupta brothers feel that collective philanthropy is needed to transform Indian higher education

Gupta brothers, Vineet Gupta and Pranav Gupta are associated with philanthropic ventures for a long time. They have long been contributing to the community by being involved in different charitable endeavors.

Pranav Gupta, founder of Ashoka University, explains Why the USA has emerged as the top destination for Higher Education

The United States has always been one of the top nations for higher education. It is home to several of the most renowned institutions in the world, which draw prominent academics and students from all over the world.

Pranav Gupta Ashoka University Co-Founder – New UGC guidelines are all about quality over quantity in PhD

There is a plethora of talent in the academic environment of India. Due to the tremendous competition in the admissions process and fewer seats, a sizable pool of bright candidates is turned away from the best colleges, especially in the case of Ph.D.

Pranav Gupta Ashoka University Co-Founder Says - Higher Education Institutes Need To Rejig Their Financial Models In Alignment With NEP

In a rapidly evolving educational landscape, the National Education Policy 2020 is ushering in transformative changes across India's higher education sector. One of the most pressing imperatives that higher education institutions face today is the need to realign their financial models in harmony with the NEP's visionary goals.

Transformative Role of Digital Humanities in Modernizing Higher Education – Insights by Ashoka Founder Pranav Gupta

In recent years, the advent of digital humanities has ushered in a new era of possibilities for the realm of higher education. This interdisciplinary field combines the power of technology with traditional humanities disciplines, enabling educators, researchers, and students to engage with knowledge in innovative ways.

Pranav Gupta, Ashoka University founder, discusses - The Rise of MOOCs and Their Impact on Higher Education

Education is undergoing a profound transformation in today's rapidly evolving digital landscape. The rise of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) is shaping a new era of learning, revolutionizing the way students access and engage with higher education.