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Pranav Gupta Ashoka University Co-Founder Says - Higher Education Institutes Need To Rejig Their Financial Models In Alignment With NEP

In a rapidly evolving educational landscape, the National Education Policy 2020 is ushering in transformative changes across India’s higher education sector. One of the most pressing imperatives that higher education institutions face today is the need to realign their financial models in harmony with the NEP’s visionary goals. To shed light on this topic, Pranav Gupta Ashoka University Founder asserts, “The convergence of financial sustainability and educational innovation is the cornerstone of a successful transition. Higher education institutions should view the NEP not as a challenge, but as an opportunity for institutional reinvention.” Institutional Excellence Through Financial Innovation The NEP envisions multidisciplinary learning, flexible curricula, and holistic education. To manifest this vision, institutions must embrace innovative financial strategies and diversify their revenue streams beyond traditional avenues, such as tuition fees. Collaborations with industry partners, alumni engagement initiatives, and research-driven partnerships can provide a stable financial base while fostering synergistic relationships. Rethinking Resource Allocation for Student-Centricity The NEP underscores the shift from teacher-centric to student-centric education. Correspondingly, the financial allocation must follow suit. Student support services, mental health resources, and modernized infrastructure are integral components of this paradigm shift. Gupta advocates for a portion of institutional budgets to be dedicated to enhancing student experiences beyond academics. “Investments in student well-being and engagement yield returns that transcend fiscal metrics. Financial innovation isn’t just about balancing the books; it’s about forging partnerships and taking initiatives that enhance the learning experience,” he emphasizes. By channelling funds into creating a nurturing environment, institutions can ensure holistic growth and produce well-rounded graduates equipped to tackle real-world challenges. Leveraging Technology for Financial Viability The NEP’s emphasis on technology-enabled learning fits seamlessly with innovative financial models. Online courses, virtual classrooms, and AI-driven personalized learning are avenues that institutions can explore to reach a wider audience. Technology isn’t just a facilitator; it is a catalyst for reaching sustainability. The potential for global student enrolment, reduced infrastructure costs, and efficient resource utilization can help institutions achieve financial resilience. However, Pranav Gupta of Ashoka University cautions that a balanced approach is crucial. “While technology can drive financial viability, the human touch must remain at the heart of education. It should be utilized efficiently and cautiously, playing an important supporting role,” Gupta advises. Fostering Inclusivity and Accessibility Through Financial Reforms Inclusive education lies at the core of the NEP’s aspirations. Scholarships, fee waivers, and subsidized programs can break down economic barriers that hinder marginalized students and their access to higher education. There should be transparent financial aid systems and targeted outreach efforts to bridge the gap. A diverse student body enriches the learning environment, making inclusivity not only a social responsibility but an academic imperative. The NEP’s vision demands an overhaul of existing financial structures, requiring institutions to adapt and innovate. Higher education institutions have the opportunity to reimagine their roles as catalysts for change. Pranav Gupta’s holistic perspective urges universities to embrace innovation, prioritize student well-being, leverage technology judiciously, and champion inclusivity. By doing so, these institutions can embody the spirit of the NEP, fostering a new era of education that is not only financially viable but also intellectually enriching and socially transformative.

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Pranav Gupta

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