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Pranav Gupta Ashoka University Founder says - University experience is vital for holistic education

Higher education including college and university level is crucial for a myriad of factors, such as improved professional sustainability and fulfillment as well as the capacity to have an influence on the society. A university education may be essential for progression in today’s world, as more and more occupations call for further advanced knowledge. “Education at the higher institution level is essential for the global growth of people, going beyond just being the next step in the learning process. It offers advanced abilities required for job market along with the education necessary for professionals like entrepreneurs, teachers, scientists, social researchers, medical personnel and so on,” shares, Pranav Gupta, Ashoka University’s Founder

Research shows that obtaining a degree may have a major and far-reaching impact on one’s life. Additionally, it enables individuals to exert a substantial impact on the household and the wider community. As per 2016 Pew Research Center data, 77% of employees with post-graduate degrees and 60% of those with bachelor’s degrees find their professions offer them a sense of fulfillment compared to 38% of those who only possess a high school education degree or less. These educated people acquire the analytical abilities that sustain civilized society, propel domestic economy, create awareness, administer efficient governments, and influence global civilizations by their actions.

College and university may be places to develop a wide range of new connections in addition to providing an education. It connects the students with academic advisors and faculty members who can support them throughout their student career from scheduling classes, to pointing them in the direction of university resources, motivating and coaching them for personal achievement, and may also assist them in comprehending tasks and the standards required of them as students. 

Pranav Gupta, Ashoka University Founder asserts, “There are several advantages to university life and experience. Students first encounter diverse real-world situations and learn how to solve challenges. Additionally, students can develop their management abilities and learn from their counterparts. For instance, I have observed students who have picked up competitive abilities from participating in group projects, presentations and class discussions with their peers. It can help to build a professional network and form enduring friendships. Moreover, university life may present a plethora of options for campus placements.”

Project-based assignments that collaborate with actual organizations, internships, and student clubs and groups that are a part of on-campus educational institutions initiate different forms of experiential learning that one can benefit from. To demonstrate to potential employers that one is a strong candidate, being associated with these on-campus activities increase the base of knowledge, highlight the worthwhile experiences on the curriculum vitae and in job interviews. Furthermore, a college student can acquire various useful life skills from their experiences in institutions. Like for each class, one gets regular deadlines for assignments. The work ethic and time management practices that are picked along the road may be used in every sphere of life, whether one is juggling professional assignments or fulfilling personal responsibilities. 

Enrolling in a distance course does allow students to earn their education degree without physically attending a higher institution. Additionally, a lot of working people choose online degrees or enroll in correspondence courses since they cannot afford to register in full-time courses. But in the employment market, college or university experience is far more valuable than just any type of academic degree. “It is necessary to promote the college or university experience. The students can have plethora of positives from it including exposure to various cultures and the opportunity to pursue additional courses at an institution. 


Source : Deccan Herald

Pranav Gupta

Pranav Gupta is a prominent name in the country’s educational community due to his notable contributions to higher education.

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