Pranav Gupta

Pranav Gupta

Jamboree Education Pvt Ltd

Jamboree Education Private Limited

Jamboree is one of the first institutes and a leader in the field of study abroad sector in India. It started in 1995, a time when there was information gap about studying abroad. Jamboree tried to close this gap by providing assistance to students who aspire to attend prestigious institutions overseas.

Under the wing of Pranav Gupta, this institution's mission is to break new ground in the field of preparing Indian students for the fiercely competitive tests necessary to get admitted to foreign universities. Whether taking the SAT, GMAT, GRE, TOEFL and IELTS, Jamboree Education’s exclusive problem-solving techniques guarantee maximum scores with minimum effort.

After 20 years in the industry, Jamboree Education now has over 40 coaching hubs scattered across India, Nepal, the Middle East, and Singapore. Each year, the institute trains more than 20000 students, making it one of India's top institutes for test preparation. Students have received assistance from the Jamboree Admissions Cell in obtaining admissions to the world's finest institutions, including MIT, Harvard, Stanford, Columbia, Oxford, Cambridge and so on. Over 50% of Jamboree’s students have been successful in receiving financial help and scholarships as well.

Jamboree Education, India's top provider of international exam preparation services, aims to deliver best possible knowledge and training on tests and counseling regarding education overseas, so that students can succeed in their careers. "Transforming Careers, Transforming Lives" serves as the organization's motto, and its guiding principles are to "Deliver more" always while fostering an excellence-oriented culture.